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I dreamed a beautiful dream
          Where you were lying next to me
                  I can still feel the warmth of the sun
                            Heating my skin as if it were your fingers lightly caressing
                  I can still feel the breeze as it
                            Picks up your hair and carries your scent to me
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 2 0
Kitty stole my Cell phone :iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 2 0
Me without you
All alone tonight
in the bright
of the overhead light
surrounded by his cologne
Staying up late
wishing i didn't have to wait
for my bed mate
to arrive
and strive
to make me feel
make me reel
make me land
into the quicksand
that is his love
any dove
out of sight
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 0
Forest Path
Through the trees it waits,
silently stretching through its wake.
Winding, twisting,
snaking through.
Barren, forgotten,
It winds it's way through.
twisting, turning,
fighting its way.
leading, following,
all one way.
disappearing, reappearing,
all the way through.
choking, strangling,
living on,
fighting back,
fighting it's way through.
whole and true,
till the end,
vanishing without a trace,
lost forever,
winding and twisting it's way through.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 0
faster faster
skirts flying,
twisting around.
Hair pulled back,
tightly clasped.
twirling, jumping,
leaping across stage.
Elegant, graceful,
Exotic beauty.
twirling, twisting
Faster faster,
suddenly stopping
leaping high,
alighting gracefully,
spinning again.
Faster Faster
stands, hair falling,
framing the face.
leaping high,
disappearing into shadow.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 0
Untitled 2
A single tear rolls down my cheek
falls off my face
and soaks into the sheet.
Words cannot express the sorrow i feel,
   the pain of a few simple words.
My cheeks are streaked
my sheets are soaked,
I lay in sorrow,
hugging myself.
With each tearful sob,
my heart clenches in pain.
My throat is closed,
my eyes shut.
I dream of you,
peace at last.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 0
Mature content
Pain :iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 1
2 a.m.
Just one
of your
is all it takes
           for me to
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 2 2
His presence still lingers,
even though he's gone.
It hovers,
like a shadow,
your unable to see.
Close your eyes,
breath in,
you can still smell him
He's gone for good,
you walk away,
determined never to come back.
In the end,
you return,
his presence still lingers,
even though he's gone.
That night,
lay on your bed,
cry yourself to sleep,
finally letting all the sorrow out,
missing him..
giving anything for him again.....
Lay there,
remember the warmth of his arms
the smile on his face,
right before he left
and broke your heart,
as it still does,
his presence still lingers
even though he's gone.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 0
Stormy Sea
sparkling water,
crashing waves.
silent thunder,
mocking silence.
quiet beach,
salty sand.
cloudy, blue sky,
shining sun.
torrents of rain,
in the silent distance.
blinding lightening,
booming thunder.
sheets of rain.
crashing waves,
white with foam.
angry blue sea.
all is silent.
sparkling sun, blue
blue, sky
crashing waves,
sparkling clear water.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 0
Miss Me
Miss me,
When I go away.
hold me close,
and tell me your there.
I'll tell you now,
I won't go far,
I'll be there,
I tell you,
I will.
Just look,
and you'll see.
I'm there,
just around the corner.
miss me,
when I'm not there,
and when I get back,
I'll never leave again.
No worries there,
I'll be there,
                   with you
until the end,
and then I'm gone.
You won't see me again,
and if you do
It'll only be for a minute,
cause then I'll be gone again.
miss me,
when I'm gone.
Cause you'll know then that you should
miss me.
Cause that's all I ask for.
Just miss me.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 0
All Out to Change the World
Change the world they say,
It's your destiny.
It's never easy,
It all takes time.
It's real simple,
just follow our plan.
A decade to change you,
Another for you to change the decade
take a few years to gain a name,
A century later, your the player.
two weeks more, your the star.
Congratulations, you've made it this far.
Only one thing left to do,
reach out and touch the moon.
Yay for you,
you made it so soon.
We told you,
all it took was time,
and now your here,
lets have some fun!
               But i have just one question for all of you,
How can I change the world
if I can't even change me?
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 3
Broken Heart
As he broke my heart,
put his silver etched sword through my heart,
I could only watch,
as my heart bled,
                             one drop at a time.
I could only watch,
As each drop fell into my eyes,
causing me pain,
                          until the day i finally died.
Only then did he take out his sword,
and move onto his next victim.
Even though I'm dead,
my heart still bleeds,
one drop at a time,
through the cracks in my broken heart.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 2
Eyes closed forever,
In stony darkness,
                   He waits for me.
Mockingly laughing,
I watch his futile attempts,
                   I'll never come to him.
Even though,
                   He died for me.
I'll watch and laugh,
                   Even though i cry.
My tears fall
                   Into emptiness.
Into the emptiness he left me in,
the day he died,
                  and left me forever.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 1 0
My Utopia
                                                        Swiftly running,
                                           sparkling                       sea,
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 2
My Love
My heart still clings,
to the love i lost.
But in my head,
I know it's true.
He's gone for good,
forever from me.
I would let go,
except my heart,
still clings to hope.
In my head,
It yells at me.
My love of him,
is gone from it.
My heart,
is like a blooming flower
in the dead of winter,
The brightest thing,
in a world of dark.
In my head,
I know its true,
the love i had,
is lost for good.
But my heart still clings,
to the love i lost.
Like a dieing flame,
It'll slowly fade
and leave me
In the dark of winter.
:iconfaebloodrose:Faebloodrose 0 0


Damn, it's cold.
I walk quickly
Though I'm loathe to arrive.
This was stupid.
But necessary.
Necessarily stupid.
My laugh is hollow
In the darkness.
Damn, it's icy, too.
I slip and cut my hand.
Blood wells.
A welcome distraction.
:iconthespes:thespes 2 4
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VII - Kitten Purred.
hush, now,
'god' is a word
used for guitar fingers burred
and the painter's vision blurred.
our quiet love of the absurd
sleeps in windowsills, self-assured
now. did. you. want. to. learn?
'god' is just a word
for a question twice deferred
or a poem kept inside, never heard.
hush, now,
hear the flight of the bird--
it sounds like your kitten purred.
:iconclaytonwoolery:claytonwoolery 3 0
I would die for you.
And Baby, your head:
It's aching,
There's no more faking,
And I'm done taking.
It's my turn to give.
And Baby, your shoulders:
They're slumped far down,
They're waiting for hope to come right around,
They're waiting for:
Some solid ground.
It's your turn to live.
And Baby, your knees:
They're knelt on the floor
Pleading to go,
Pleading to soar,
Pleading to get up and walk out the door.
It's my turn to hug.
And Baby, your toes:
They're calloused and dry,
They're lost in your journey
Of wondering whys
Lost in your chorus
Of heart warming cries.
It's your turn to tug.
And Baby, your head:
It's falling.
But I am calling
To listen to,
Your hearts soft bawling.
It's my turn to fold.
And Baby, your shoulders:
They hurt and hang low.
Inhale deeply,
Exhale slow.
Baby, come on,
Your heart shall glow.
It's your turn to hold.
And Baby, your knees:
They're weathered and rough.
Listen to me – you ARE good enough
(Perfect in my eyes)
I'm calling your bluff.
It's my turn to h
:iconbeauty403:beauty403 2 0
Mature content
Letter to insert name here :iconbeauty403:beauty403 2 0
Mature content
Yes :iconbeauty403:beauty403 1 0
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Unworthy creature
I know I’m not special
But stop saying she IS special
I know you love her more
Than me
I can tell
You don’t want me around
Anymore do you
You just want her as your only daughter
don’t you
You wish I would
Disappear and to never
Come back
So you only have to talk
about your special
Daughter and
Not the worthless one
To have to explain why I am
A failure
No one wants me around
You see through me
As though I am a ghost
A creature unworthy to go to heaven
Covered in sins
By the Devil
But I will say
Let me burn in hell
Where those who understand
Me will listen and I will
Listen to them
I will now go so don’t
Worry I will not be your burden
no more
:iconmalak159:malak159 3 10
Mature content
mommy :iconbeauty403:beauty403 2 0
I love you.
And I know you love me too.
All of the things we've said,
Those times we slept in the same bed.
I'll always be there,
I'll never have any affair.
You told me before,
and even though you ignore,
me sometimes,
Our love will never die.
Rawr :)
:icongabbyprincess123:Gabbyprincess123 2 0



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